CapCut Pro Tips and Tricks – Unleash the App’s Hidden Potential

There are plenty of video editing apps you can find for your Android mobile. Among them, CapCut stands out as an easy-to-use and all-in-one video editing app. CapCut can be used free with so many valuable and interesting features to make your video an extraordinary one. But there is a pro version too with much more features than in the free version. As a powerful and user-friendly video editing app CapCut Pro is gaining huge popularity among most video creators. Here, let us focus on some tips and tricks to use in the CapCut pro version together with hidden features and advanced techniques exploration.

capcut pro tips and tricks

Exploring CapCuts’ Hidden Gems

CapCuts includes so many hidden features to explore. Some of the most popular and commonly used hidden features of CapCut include Masking, Green Screen Wizardry, Speed Bending, and Audio Editing Finesse.

Masking in CapCut pro

Masking is the technique of editing a selected part of a video. Or else this feature lets you isolate some objects of the video from the rest. This is a nice feature of CapCut that makes your video editing interesting and exciting. This allows you to create a mask for your preferred object. This mask can be as a shape or a path. After creating this masking path or the shape you can add desired filters, effects, etc to make your selected part different from the rest or make it highlight.

Green Screen Wizardry

This is also one of the most advanced features of CapCut. The Green Screen feature allows you to record your video on a green screen leaving room for further editing. Here the green screen feature of CapCut lets you remove the background and do video compositions. Also, you can replace the green background with images or videos you like later. These edits finally led to create an outstanding and visually appealing high-quality video.

Speed Bending Mastery

Speed Bending Mastery is now becoming a frequently used feature of CapCut to create more attractive videos. This feature permits you to reduce the video speed to highlight more on some sections, or else you can fast forward a video to showcase more details within a short period. otherwise, you can create time-lapse effects using this speed-bending feature.

Audio Editing Finesse

This feature offers a lot more editing choices than basic audio editing. Here you can remove annoying background sounds by using the noise reduction feature. As well, the audio ducking feature of the app helps you reduce the background sounds of the video when someone speaks. Moreover, to control the soundtracks accurately you can use the split audio feature.

Advanced Editing Techniques for CapCut Experts

capcut pro features

Keyframe Animation

This is a nice feature included in CapCut Video Editor Pro that helps you create smooth motion graphics and animations. Normally when editing video defining the starting and ending points is important. The keyframe animation feature helps you with that task. You can adjust features like position, scales, and rotations using keyframe animations included in the app. These will ultimately create a professional and high-quality video with a few easy steps and a few seconds. The easy and clean interface of CapCut makes this a very relaxed procedure.

Customizing Text Animations

CapCut provides an opportunity to edit texts in a way better than normal text edits. This allows you to use different types of text templates included there in the app. Also, there are some advanced text animation features included in the app like text tracking, text morphing, and adding animated outlines. The text tracking feature can make your text follow a specific object. Text Morphing permits you to maintain a smooth transition between different texts. The animated outline will add feel and skill to your video to make it look brilliant. Here you can customize the text features like color, font, and animation style for a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

Color Grading Finesse

Hidden color grading features let you add a feel to your video. This is different from basic color edits. If you want to add a cinematic look to your video then sure you have to use these nice color grading features like Curves and Color Wheel. Using the curve feature you can add emotions to your videos by adjusting shadows and highlights like features. Also, the color wheel feature is helpful in adjusting the color temperature, saturation, and hue-like features. These are really helpful in creating a visually pleasing video.

Pro Tips for Efficient Editing

Here are some of the tips you can use for efficient video editing in CapCut Pro.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are really helpful to do your video edits quicker and easier. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts to use in CapCut.

  • Backspace: Delete the timeline elements
  • Key ‘C’: Open the razor tool. Cut or join the selected clip.
  • Key ‘V’: Re-access section tool.
  • ‘+’ and ‘- ‘: To Zoom in and out.

Project templates

There are plenty of project templates included in CapCut. Use of these templates saves your time and it makes video editing a simple one. Also, these templates help you maintain consistency throughout your project. There is room for you to customize your project templates as well. You can customize your project settings, transitions, and effects. Save the customized templates for the future and add a touch of personalization to your creations with this feature.

Organization Hacks

Organizing your projects in an orderly way helps you access videos quickly and also makes video editing efficient. Here you can rename your files with a clear description which will make video access a simpler process. Also, you can use some folders to organize your creations in an order by categorizing them. The leverage marker feature can help you to highlight key points along your timeline. Using these organizing skills, you can make your video editing a stress free and interesting one.


If you want to explore CapCut more then go for these hidden gems included in the app. Discovering and using these features surely make your video creation an outstanding one. You can use Masking, Green Screen, Speed Bending, and Audio Editing Finesse-like features to add some professional touch to your videos. Also, there are some additional features like keyframe animation, color grading, and customizable text animations to make your video unique in its way. Experimenting and exploring new features within the app can make your video a brilliant one. With these hidden features sure you can add more skill to your videos. If you too want to make your video editing journey an advanced and simpler one then upgrade to CapCut Pro now.

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