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CapCut is a video editing app for Android, iOS and PC with amazing features like cut, trim, split, merge, audio, text and many more. Developed by a famous chinese company called Bytedance who developed the Tiktok App. Capcut is a video editing app that revolutionized video editing and brings professional-level video editing to our fingertips.

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Capcut logo images taken from Google play store | Copyrights belongs to BYTEDANCE PTE. LTD.

Capcut’s easy controls allow editors with any skill level to enjoy it. Its wide range of very powerful features allows you to create the most trending video by elevating your video footage. With this app, the possibilities are unlimited. You can trim, spin, reverse, merge, apply filters, and do many more things with ease.

Capcut offers a seamless editing experience, allowing you to preview your videos in real time. these features combined with compatibility across different platforms like Android and iOS, make Capcut the ultimate editing software for spreading your creativity across various platforms.

So, in the rest of the article, I will be talking about this game-changer of an editor, its features, and how you can use it to maximize and enhance your next project. Hang around till the end and find out more about this amazing software which could potentially unveil your true capabilities and leave the crowd in awe.

CapCut Download

APP NameCapCut
APK Size242MB
Latest versionv11.4.0
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or higher required
DeveloperBytedance Pte. Ltd.

CapCut APP Screenshots

CapCut APP Features

Capcut offers a unique set of features, making this a friendlier software for editors with any skill level. Let us dive deep into those features and see how these could enhance and improve your next project.

Intuitive editing surface

Capcut offers a very user-friendly interface, allowing the user to toggle through various options and try out different settings in a much easy manner. Allowing the app to be beginner-proof and attract a lot of people who are entering the editing field. These easy interfaces and friendly controls make it much easier for you to produce what your heart desires. 

Trim and merge

This feature of Capcut allows the users to trim and connect multiple video footage without following massive and overwhelming procedures. You can remove any unwanted parts from existing footage or connect two pieces of footage and create amazing videos cohesively and seamlessly in Capcut.

Effects and filters

Who doesn’t like nice vibrant colors and contrasting nature in their videos? You can try the massive collection of various effects and filters on your next videos to make the colors pop even more. The easily customizable panels allow you to change vibrancy, saturation, contrast, and many more things with a simple gesture of your finger. 

Text and typography

You can even add your favorite quotes with highly customizable fonts, and animations to convey the message you intend. Different types of typography allow the user to experiment with different styles of fonts and animations to suit the theme, to make the crowd more engaged in your videos.

Music and sounds

The massive library of royalty-free music helps creators easily find non-copyrighted music to add to their projects. These soundtracks will help to create the perfect video with an immersive viewing experience for the audience.


Capcut offers a wide variety of transitions, enabling you to create seamless video transitions. There are a lot of transition modes to choose from, which makes every day using transitions look boring. So chose the most suited transition to your videos to connect several videos with one simple touch of the screen.

Speed control

Using this feature of Capcut, we can easily accelerate or decelerate the playback speed of the video. This can create stunning slow-motion effects as well as fast playbacks easily.

Advanced editing tools

Capcut gives several advanced editing tools at our disposal. Some of them can be used to fine-tune your videos to suit the targeted audience. You can rotate, flip and crop your video in a hassle-free manner by Capcut.

Other fine tunings include color grading your videos to appeal to viewers, which can be done easily by adjusting the sliders and choosing what is best for our eyes.

Background removal

I see this feature as the distinguishing feature of Capcut, which set it apart from its competition. Easy removal of backgrounds is a feature that is not much popular or available in video editors.

But in Capcut, you can remove any background of a video and focus on your subject without following lengthy procedures. Another cool feature is you can add any background of your choice to the removed footage and make it more appealing.

Keyframe animation

This cool feature allows you to control the movements, transitions, and effects to create engaging and dynamic visuals with precise control over each of the elements.

Collaboration and Sharing

Another cool feature of Capcut is, it allows you to collaborate with other editors, take inspiration and guidance and take your editing game to the top level. Apart from these Capcut allows you to share your work on any social media platform instantly among your friends and family.

How to Install CapCut APP?

Up to now, I have explained what is Capcut and why you should choose it over other editing apps. Now let’s look into how we can install it onto our device.

There are two options available for us to install Capcut on our devices. These are,

  1. Using Google play store or Apple app store
  2. Using APK installation

Using the Google play store or Apple app store

This is just as easy as downloading candy crush to your phone. All you have to do is type “Capcut” into the search bar of the play store or the app store.

Then wait until it searches Capcut through a long list of apps, this will only take milliseconds. Then all you have to do is tap the download button.

After the app is downloaded it will be automatically installed into our device. Now you can start unweaving your magic with your fingertips.

Using APK installation

This is a bit hard process compared to downloading from the play store or the app store. Let me guide you through the process.

  1. First, Download the CapCut APK file from our download page or you can search for “Capcut APK” in your browser. Select the most trusted source for downloading the APK from the long list of search results. You can choose the most trusted source by looking into their number of downloads and comments.
  2. After searching for a suitable link, download the APK.
  3. Then go to the settings icon on your phone, and allow installation from unknown sources. If you skip this step, the APK will not install on your device.
  4. Then open the APK and follow the steps to proceed with the installation process. Now you can start using the Capcut immediately.

New key features of CapCut

With every upcoming update, the developers of the Capcut app try to fix any bugs and enhance the user experience according to feedback. So let’s see some of the latest features added to the software through the app’s last update. If you are still using an older version, I highly recommend you update the app and start using these newest features available for you.

Multilayer editing

This feature allows you to overlay images, effects, and videos to create more intricate scenes. This will help in engaging your crowd more towards your videos.

Green Screen effects

The Chroma keying technology of Capcut allows you to remove any backgrounds from videos and isolate the subjects. These isolated subjects could be moved to various other footage and make the video look interesting.

AI-Powered Editing Tools

The latest version of the app allows you to use AI-powered tools to maximize and enhance your video. These AI-powered tools allow trimming and fine-tuning the ideas to suit your targeted audience.

Auto subtitle generation

Another interesting feature the latest update unveiled is the ability to generate subtitles this allows creators to add subtitles to their videos without any complications.

Project templates

With the new update, Capcut provided users with existing video templates. These highly customizable templates can be used to create videos easily and quickly.

Export options

Advanced export options given by the app allow users to export their final output in any format they like. Whether the video is intended for YouTube, TikTok, or a film hall you can export the video as you like.

Gesture control

Capcut’s latest version came with gesture control. Now users can control the editing workflow with designated gestures and motions.

Cross-platform syncing

Cross-platform syncing allows users to edit videos on multiple devices by connecting them and ensuring the continuous process of editing. This is very useful in situations where your batteries have run out or you are on the go.

How to use Capcut?

After you have installed the Capcut into your device you can start using it and experiencing all these new features.

Import the footage

First of all, you have to import the selected video footage into the Capcut app. Or else you can shoot content within itself too.

Trim and arrange

After importing all the needed videos, you can start trimming them to your preference. After trimming the videos, you can select the trimmed parts and combine them in order and arrange the video.

Applying filters

Then to the trimmed video parts, you can add filters and effects if you like, adding filters and effects will enhance some aspects of the footage which will make the videos more appealing to the audience.

Adding texts

Chose from the large pool of fonts and sizes to add texts to your videos. These texts will give a unique nature to your videos and set apart your videos from the rest.

Adding music

Now you can select the best-suited music for your videos from the ample music freely available. Or you can import music of your taste to the video and enhance the viewing experience.

Applying transitions

Now you can combine the selected videos and audio seamlessly through transitions. This will add an extra touch of professionalism to your video while captivating the viewers.

Fine-tune with precision

now you can use Capcut’s advanced editing tools to fine-tune and color grade the complete video. These will enhance the colors to please the viewers while highlighting the subject more often to create filmier vibes.

Share the video

when you have finished doing magic with this app, now it is the time to share your masterpiece with the world. Impeccably export your video with abundant export options available, and share your work through various platforms and cherish.

Pros and Cons of CapCut

Just like any other editing app or software, Capcut also has its strengths and weakness. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Capcut app,

User-friendly interfaceLimited compatibility with older devices or older versions of Android or iOS
A wider range of editing featuresSome editing techniques might require a long time to master compared to others
Regular updates to keep the app in sync with what’s happening in the worldIn-app purchases for some premium options
Large number of music tracks to choose from 
Multilayer editing capability 
Availability of AI-powered editing tools 
Green screen editing capability 
Ability to cross-platform sync 
Customizable transition options 

How to Install CapCut for PC

With its newer cross-platform syncing capabilities, we can even use our PCs to edit the videos using Capcut. First of all, let’s see how we can install the Capcut app on our PC.

  • First, you have to search for the Capcut website in your preferred search engine.
  • Then you can see a download tab in the menu icons. When you visit the download tab you can see there is an option that says “Download for Windows/Mac”
  • Click it and download the Capcut Setup. After it has been downloaded run the setup and install the app onto your PC.

Now you can enjoy the latest cross-platform syncing or even start creating videos from your PC without ever having trouble with your phone getting stuck.

CapCut FAQ’s

Does Capcut have a watermark on edited videos?

No. Capcut doesn’t add watermarks or signatures to edited videos. Therefore, you can create and exports videos without watermarks or signatures.

Is Capcut suitable for beginners?

Yes. Due to its very simple user interface, this app can be recognized as something that is best for beginners. Along with this user-friendly interface, the company provides abundant tutorials and guidelines, making it easier for someone completely new to start their editing journey in Capcut.

Does Capcut work offline?

Capcut only requires an internet connection to download and install the app on our device. After the initial installation process, Capcut doesn’t require an internet connection to function.

Can I use Capcut for free?

Yes. Capcut is an open-source software that you can freely download. But you have to purchase some premium features like templates through in-a purchasing.

CapCut Download

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Final Words

I hope that I covered all you wanted to know about the Capcut app. This is one of the most brilliant editing apps I have seen in a very long time.

Its user-friendly easier interface makes it even easier for someone who is starting their editing journey to practice editing. On top of that, this provides all the features that professional editors need to excel in their projects too. So Capcut is equally beneficial to a beginner just as much as to a professional editor. 

When I first got to know about Capcut, I was wondering why didn’t this existed earlier. I would highly recommend this app to someone willing to get into video editing. Because this small app provides all you need.

So get your Mobile phones, and PCs ready and Start editing!